W. Kamau Bell

Hi! I saw you yesterday at the NCG conference closing plenary & at the reception - I should have said hi! I work for an Oakland education research, advocacy, and policy organization (Education Trust-West) that is focused on equity for brown, black, and poor children in California.
My colleagues have turned me into a mini-fan of yours, then I listened to the This American Life episode and was pleasantly surprised to see you at the closing plenary. I would really love to get more info on your Berkeley show called "Home By Ten (10?)" and to possibly join with some of my comedy fan/race and social justice-interested work friends!

W. Kamau Bell responded on 06/16/2015

Nice to meet you! This is the info on the Berkeley shows http://themarsh.org/kamau_bell/home_by_1...

Hope to see you and your people at one... or all. Just kidding. :-)

Take care!


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