W. Kamau Bell

You know how when you see someone out of their normal environment, they look familiar, but you can’t quite place from where you know them.

Well, I just had that experience, when I saw the photo of you with Joe Morton. Keep in mind, I'm a HUGE fan of Scandal. Olivia Pope is one of my fictional heroines.

My internal brain conversion: “That guy in the picture with Kamal looks familiar, and I don’t think he is someone I like. Is he from Fox? ...the GOP clown car? ...a Wall Street banking executive? I should just read what Kamal wrote. He probably said something extremely funny, why he opted for the unlikely photo-op pairing.

Oops, sorry Mr. Morton. I don’t even KNOW you, …or anything about you, except you're a really great actor, because I REALLY don’t like the character you play …at all.”

Please note: I think the real reason I didn’t recognize Joe Morton aka, Rowan/Elijah Pope on Scandal immediately, wasn’t so much the location, as it was the fact he was fact he was smiling.

W. Kamau Bell responded on 06/17/2015

HAHA! I know what you mean. He's not a big smiler on that show. And if he is smiling the you knowhe did something really bad. Thanks for reading the newsletter. - Kamau

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